New old blog

I blog. I'm not much into it, but mainly I like the idea.

It's simple yet great. To write nice stuff and get your readers. Very nice. I'd prefer to blog like a cool. Not more than few tens of sentences, just what's essential, and maybe what's hot. If the article has more text I write a nice preview and add a link to an actual article elsewhere else online. A picture, or two.

That's essential. Sometimes it even seems that a picture, a link and hashtags (like on Twitter, etc.) is quite enough for long scrolling line of posts, for as new users on mobiles. It's thinking, content, flexibility, patience, a lucky feeling of text and charisma are main. Then it's a blog for real.

I'll post about new web features, design systems and my random stuff while also gonna add my thoughts and memories on previous adventures. I'll add new posts, features, update design on the go. Cheers to my readers and friends.